Target Fish at any Depth

First Time Ever Offering an Inline/Snap Weight Solution




We are breaking new ground offering a Snap Weight and Inline kit in one.  Our revolutionary Snakebite Snap combined with our coated weights will last you season after season.  We once again kept our anglers in mind  when we released our newest kit.  We still offer our standard kits. Click on our Store to see more offerings.

Why Snakebite?

Snakebite Snap Weights provide an extremely accurate trolling technique for a wide range of baits.  Troll at practically any depth with crawler harnesses, crank baits, stick baits, cut bait rigs, and spoons - if you can troll it, you can snap weight it.


We've successfully tested our snaps on multiple different lines:


10-30 lb Mono

10-30 lb Braid

14-20 lb Leadcore

12-30 lb Fusion

How do they work?  With a simple one handed operation.  Our ergonomic design allows anglers to easily clip the weight on and off their line in any temperature.  

Our dive charts are calculated at 1.25, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 mph using 12 lb mono XT.  With our four different weight sizes, anglers can target a variety of depths in a variety of fishing conditions.

Confidence in your presentation depth is absolutely vital to any trolling program.

Why are anglers choosing Snakebite Snap Weights?

  • Snakebites have a very low profile, causing less drag in the water.
  • They don't fall off.  Traditional snap weights open from the top, which increase the chance of losing the snap if you hit the bottom or fight a big fish.  Snakebite Snap Weights open from the side, making it nearly impossible to lose it.
  • They don't slide in the water.  Set it and forget it.
  • Extremely simple to change the weight.  We use a Duolock snap instead of a split key ring, because we know those are a pain.
  • Precision Depth Charts for each size weight.  Trust our depth charts, they're spot on.
  • No pads.  No pads means no pads falling off.
  • Made in the USA.

The Snakebite housing is made of the absolute best ABS plastic available; they're practically indestructible.   Our housings are rated at 6,500 PSI tensile strength and maintain operating properties at 160ºF.  

The housing contains a high strength stainless steel spring.  By design, the spring is 98.5% percent relaxed inside the housing.  This design eliminates the potential for premature spring wear allowing thousands of uses before it begins to degrade.





Length:  1.3''

Width:  0.3''

Our 'Torpedo' style weights are designed to cause less drag in the water.  Less drag equates to more accurate depths and minimal effect from strong currents.  

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About Us

Snakebite Snaps, LLC is a small tackle company based in Ohio.  We are a handful of experienced walleye anglers with a strong technical and machining backgrounds.  Together, we designed an innovative new snap weight system.  We envisioned a reliable, affordable and easy to use Snap Weight. 


Snakebite Snap weights are currently under a US Patent Pending status.  Snakebite Snaps name, Logo and Slogan 'Fish Hard. Fish Snakebite' are under US Trademark.


Snakebite Snaps

Stow, OH